Kitting Services


Assembly required

For some manufacturers, pre-assembling component parts is required during the production process.  This assembly can take up a lot of time, floor space and manpower. Let a third party that specializes in this work take the headache off of your team.


Reverse Logistics

The first handling step of receiving and processing returns is decidedly manual. Operators trained in quality control must open received parcels, carefully inspect them and assign them a destination.  This may not be something you want to focus on. It is a necessary part of the job. We have the dedicated, trained quality control team to handle it for you. We specialize in reworking these parts so they can be used and not scrapped out.



Efficient use of resources and the environmentally friendly disposal of used products have become accepted mission statements in manufacturing industry. In order to retrieve components and also obtain high-quality raw materials, it is necessary that products undergo disassembly prior to recycling. Your facility is designed to build the product, not take it apart. Leave that to the specialists.