As soon as you become aware of a potential quality issue, contact PLI. We will record the proper information from you to allow us to create a project number and detailed process. Once configured we will have you sign off on the procedure and immediately begin coordinating the process of inspecting and sorting your parts.

Our experienced staff of inspectors at PLI service our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We can provide sorting and inspection services on all three shifts at your location, our facility, or your customers site. We can handle all freight services or coordinate with you on using yours.

visual defects

·         Warping

·         Chips/scratches/Dents

·         Rusting

·         Mixed Parts

·         Coating Concerns

·         Wiring Harness Rework

·         Unfinished or Missing Parts

Sizing defects

·         Push

·         Ring Gauges

·         Drop Pin            

·         Calipers

·         Tape measurement

·         Jig compliance

Electrical defects

·         Wiring Harnesses

·         Voltage Checks

·         Continuity Checks

·         Circuits

If you feel we may be able to work with you on your sorting needs please fill out the request form.